Features for Medical School Candidates

Oceania University of Medicine has provided these articles to help medical school candidates with the admissions process. If you have any requests, comments, or questions, please contact the admissions office.

Ten Tips (or More) for Getting into Medical School
Applying for medical school requires a great deal of planning and strategy.   Competition is stiff. Read More

Five Tips for Mastering the Inteview
The interview is one of the most important components of the application process, whether you’re applying for medical school or a residency program. Read More

Can Medical School Be Taught Online?
Yes and no.  The technology exists to teach the basic sciences and didactic material online, but clinical rotations must be done face-to-face in a teaching hospital. Read More

How Do You Overcome a Low GPA or MCAT Score?
Your grade point average and MCAT score are the two most important deciding factors of whether your application is put in the “interview” stack or the “reject” stack. Read More

So You Didn’t Get into Medical School.  Now What?
Relax.  It’s not the end of the world. Read More

Proctoring Exams in Distance Learning Medical Courses
As medical education leaves the classroom toward the realm of distance learning, a question comes to mind of how written examinations are handled. Read More

Physician Mentors Make a Huge Difference to Medical Students
“Our meetings support my preclinical education by highlighting things that you might not read about in books,” says Oceania University of Medicine preclinical student Joshua Cascadden of his mentoring sessions shared with Richard Marasa, M.D. Read More

Five Secrets to Getting a Good Residency: “Apply Wisely, Apply Everywhere” with Persistence
When Dr. Sheila Maurer was asked to share her residency search experience with students at Oceania University of Medicine, the Student Affairs Office sent her a brochure from the American Academy of Family Physicians called “Strolling through the Match.” Read More

Medical School is a Juggling Act—One Graduate’s Story
Dr. Jennifer Allen graduated from Oceana University of Medicine's MD program in August 2012. From Washington, Missouri and currently finishing the first year of a Family Medicine residency at Mercy Hospital in St. Louis, she is married to a pediatrician and is the mother of four children. Read More

When a Medical School is Accredited and When It's Not
With more than 45,000 applicants for only 19,000 seats in US medical schools each year, many students choose to attend medical schools in another country. There are many fine medical schools outside of the US, but some are accredited and some are not. Read More

Graduate Profile: A Passion for Medicine Is the Best Fuel in Reaching Your Goal
How fitting that Oceania University of Medicine's first graduate was Samoan, a distinction he has never taken lightly. Dr. Tapa Fidow, who graduated with an MBBS degree in 2007, was a self-proclaimed "guinea pig." As a recipient of an OUM scholarship, in exchange for several years of service to Samoa as a physician upon graduation, he knew a lot rested on his shoulders when he entered OUM in 2002. Read More