The OUM Curriculum

The OUM Graduate Entry MBBS program consists of 20 weeks of Introduction to Medicine (e-ITM), 72 weeks of additional preclinical study, and 64 weeks of clinical clerkships. Students may also benefit from up to 40 weeks of e-Foundation Science modules. MORE

Clinical Rotations/Affiliate Hospitals

 With more and more OUM students successfully completing preclinical training and passing their preliminary exams OUM is amassing a growing list of affiliated teaching hospitals that have agreed to provide clinical rotations to its third and fourth year students.  MORE

Academic Calendar

  Important term dates and exam schedules through 2014. MORE


  New students are required to pay a ten percent non-refundable matriculation fee of AU$840 at the time of acceptance to secure their choice of Introduction to Medicine (ITM) module enrolment date. The remainder of the ITM tuition must be paid at least 30 days before the term begins.   MORE

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to OUM students in the form of scholarships and payment plans. All OUM students in good standing are eligible for payment plans which give students the flexibility to budget and pay for medical school as they progress through the curriculum. MORE

Frequently Asked Questions