Student & Graduate Comments

“OUM allowed me to pursue my life's dream of becoming a doctor, a dream I didn’t believe was possible. Here I am today, an honest to goodness physician. Thank you OUM.”

- Dr. O.W., Former Nurse Practitioner, OUM Class of 2014, 1st year Resident in Psychiatry, Phoenix, USA


“OUM's innovative approach is allowing me to realize my lifelong ambition of becoming a physician.”

- H.S., Pharmacist, OUM Class of 2017, from Cairns, Australia


"I loved the international experience."
- Dr. S.M., Former Family Nurse Practitioner, Class of 2012, 2nd Year Psychiatry Resident, North Carolina


“OUM’s innovative teaching style is fantastic and exciting. Truly forward thinking, OUM allows the student to benefit from both local and international resources. I’m really enjoying my Internal Medicine rotation. The staff really welcomed us and made us part of the team. The consultants have given us heaps of their time which has been amazing.”

- B.W. Registered Nurse, OUM Class of 2015, Auckland, New Zealand


"I felt OUM gave me a lot of flexibility with my demanding schedule as a practicing IM PA when I enrolled. I was able to continue to work for the first two years in medical school. OUM also helped me with coordinating my rotations in my home town of Chicago which was fantastic since I had a young child at the time. OUM kept the lines of communication flowing very well throughout medical school and were really concerned about my own needs. I also enjoyed the integrated approach to medicine which included comprehensive case studies based on the specialties."
- Dr. P.G., Former Nurse Practitioner and OUM Class of 2008, Practicing Physician in Internal Medicine, Suburban Chicago, USA


“With the course structure and support network of OUM, I am going to make my goal of becoming a physician. A good physician.”

- P.P. Paramedic and OUM Class of 2016, Melbourne, Australia


"The fact that you have given a 40-year old the ability to become a good physician someday would have NEVER happened otherwise."
- T.F., Registered Nurse, Class of 2016, USA

"OUM has given me a sense of autonomy to think on my own two feet. It allowed me to look deep inside to discover why I really wanted to become a physician."
- Dr. N.M., Former Physician Assistant, OUM Class of 2009, Practicing Physician in Internal Medicine, Suburban Baltimore, USA


"What I liked about OUM is that I could continue to work part time and continue my studies in medicine. The ability to combine my studies with the cases I was seeing in the hospital really enhanced my education.”

- Dr. V.N., Former Nurse from Melbourne, Australia, Class of 2012


"If becoming a doctor is something you have always wanted to do, then enroll at OUM and do it. And along the way, support the school, as well. When people are skeptical about your online curriculum, explain how it works and the great opportunity it provided to you. The faculty and staff will support you and do everything they can to make sure you become a doctor."

- Dr. J.A., Former Family Nurse Practitioner, OUM Class of 2012, 3rd Year Family Medicine Resident, St. Louis, USA