For Immediate Release: 11 October 2013

OUM Faculty Start Medical Student Research Journal

Medical Student International

As research becomes a part of medical curricula around the world, there are few outlets to present or publish research, especially for students of international medical schools.

To answer the call, OUM faculty have started Medical Student International, an online journal that promotes scholarly activity amongst medical students. It aims to help medical students gain an appreciation for the medical literature and hone their research and writing skills and enhance their professional records.

S Cunningham, MD, PhD
S. Cunningham, MD, PhD

"We were surprised to find there are no venues for students of international medical schools to engage in scholarly activity,” says Scott Cunningham, MD, PhD, OUM’s Director of Medical Education for North America and Editor-in-Chief of Medical Student International.  “This will be helpful to OUM students who choose not to participate in Journal Club and need an outlet to publish their research paper.”

Editors are accepting manuscripts in the following categories: original research (laboratory-based, clinical and epidemiologic); case reports (novel or noteworthy); mini-reviews; medical hypotheses; clinical controversies; and practice guideline updates. The first issue is expected to be published in November.

For more information, visit the Medical Student International website. (